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Whether you’re looking for somewhere to write on an on-going basis, or a one-off, we appreciate every contribution at every skill level. Search3 is happy to upload and post relevant articles in the SEO vertical from those that are looking to increase their exposure and visibility within the community. We are very particular about what’s uploaded, but please get in touch with us to raise your ideas and we’ll happily advise. In return you can expect your post to be read by the community, and you can even include a do-follow link back to your own site.

Please read our guidelines before getting in touch, as any idea, content or suggestion will be dismissed if it isn’t in-line with our rules. We want to ensure that everyone gets involved with posting on Search3, but in an appropriate, relevant manner. The content needs to be useful and well understood. Please do not send follow-up emails regarding your requests after submission, if we believe your idea / and or content is worthy of an upload, we will be in touch.

If you are looking for a prompt publishing, then we offer a sponsored guest post option to those are looking for a speedy delivery onto Search3. However, the content must still meet our guidelines and upload criterias.

Guest post guidelines;

1) It’s important to read over your content before submitting it and it shouldn’t have an grammar or language errors.

2) The post needs to be informative, relevant and interesting. There is little reason to create a post on how to create a title tag and it’s purpose, as this content is already accessible on the web. In order to improve your chances of an upload, the content needs to offer something that isn’t already spoken about (or some degree);

3) Don’t send us content that’s already been used on the web, i.e duplicate content. Before uploading any form of content, we do conduct thorough checks, crawls and scrapes to ensure that it has already been used on another site. This also includes historical checks of web.archive.org

4) Ensure that the post is well-structured and optimised from an on-page perspective, it will need to include heading and paragraph tags to be accepted;

5) Include images, along with suitable img alt and title tags;

6) Don’t include to many links to your site in the article, yes we agree that a link to your site is fine, but please don’t over-do it (i.e 3 links to your site using exact match anchors);

7) The article needs to be of at least 600 words of content and contain at least one image;

8) Refrain away from promoting any service or product that your website provides;

9) Include your bio and head shot within the article.

We would suggest firing over your topic ideas before writing any content, as we need to mutually agree the subject before being any to post the article. Any questions, please do ask.

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